How to Play Guitar, Bass Guitar, Guitar Chords

how to play guitar, bass guitar, guitar chords

The website that offers the most “free” information for beginning and intermediate guitar and bass players on the web today!  And the only website with Free “Technical Training” sections.  Check out our “free” information on Guitar Chords, Guitar Scales, Lead Guitar, Barre Chords, Free Scale and Chord Finder, The Basics of Tablature (Tab), Bass Runs, and Bass Scales. Also Slap and Pop Basics, Bass Chord and Scale Finder, Choosing Strings, Drop D Tuning Basics, Music Theory, How to make the best of your practice time, Advanced Guitar and Bass Scales, Chord Progressions, Drum Tracks, Songwriting, and many more Free Guitar Lessons. Free Video Clips (over 325 to be exact), and over 260 Free Handouts to download and print out for your convenience.  No “gimmicks” and no promises of “playing like a pro” in a week – we just offer awesome, powerful, cutting edge information and Free Guitar Lessons to help you move on to the next level.  Out Technical Training section includes audio connector / cable basics, unbalanced / balanced connections, how to solder an XLR, basic tests and measurements, technical theory, tools needed, technical glossary, and much more. We also offer the most comprehensive learning Booklets / CD’s, and Reference guides on the web today (without all the gimmicks and hype). Our most popular being The 5 Lesson Guitar Method (Part 1 and Part 2), The 5 Lesson Bass Method, and very high quality “Cheat Sheets” that are great reference tools when you need them.

how to play guitar, bass guitar, guitar chords

  OVER 325 “FREE” VIDEO CLIPS / 260 “FREE” HANDOUTS  (and counting)…






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 how to play guitar, bass guitar, guitar chords