Bass Scale Finder

Bass Scale Finder

Check out our “Free” and easy to use Bass Scale Finder

Click on a “KEY” – then select a “SCALE MODE” – then a “POSITION” (there are 5 positions for each scale mode).


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Bass players play “notes” 99% of the time. Playing the right notes over the right chord progressions can be easy if all you want to do is play the root notes. But if you want to really play some notes – you are on the right webpage. This Bass Scale Finder is designed to help beginner / intermediate bass players with finding the right scales (notes) to play over guitar chord progressions. The more notes a bass player has to choose from – more ideas can be generated.  Bass players need to play the right scales (notes) at the right time.  Learning the scales that belong to certain chord progressions will be very beneficial to the development of any serious player.  Use this Bass Guitar Scale Finder anytime you need it – and the best part is that it’s free.

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