January 21, 2022

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The 5 Lesson Method Part One

The 5 Lesson Guitar Method - Part One
The 5 Lesson Guitar Method - Part One
Our 5 Lesson Method - Part One download is an "Interactive" booklet designed to familiarize beginners with five very important aspects of playing guitar. These lessons will get you started on the right track! This is the best method to help you get started playing the guitar. Lessons include the basics and fundamentals that every beginner needs. Regular chords and progressions, names of the notes on the guitar, barre chords and progressions, beginning lead playing, licks, and tablature. There are links included to video clips, handouts, and information to help create an "Interactive" experience - read the information in the booklet, and click on the links to view the video lessons. This is the best method for beginners if you want to prepare yourself for bigger and better things on the guitar. 14 Pages. Can't beat this price for this much information! Download your copy now! You should receive your download link immediately after your payment clears (within the hour). If for some reason you do not receive your download link, please contact us and we will take care of any issue ASAP!

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