January 20, 2022

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Bass Guitar Theory

Bass Guitar Theory

This bass guitar theory section is packed with information on bass music theory, reading music, keys, key signatures, notes, etc. We created handouts for each subject as there is just too much information to put on a single page.  Feel free to print out the files so you will have a reference,  and share with other bass players (and while your at it, feel free to let them know about our website).

bass guitar theory

Bass – Basic Music Theory

It is extremely important for all beginner Bass guitarists to understand Bass Guitar Theory basics.  It is also highly recommended that all bass guitar players learn to read music (which will include Music Theory – they both go hand in hand).  Bass players will be playing notes 98% of the time, and will have to develop good “timing” skills – so reading music should be a “priority” for all Bass players.

 Basic Music Theory for Bass Players – Handout!  


The Basics of Key Signatures – Bass    

It is very important for Bass guitarists to learn and understand Key Signatures.  This file covers the very basics and will assist any Bassist with the understanding of how Key Signatures work.

Basics of Key Signatures for Bass Players – Handout 

Major Keys/ Root Notes – Reference for Bass

All the main Key Signatures, Root Notes, and common guitar chords you will see in each of the Keys on one file as a quick reference for Bass players.

Major Keys / Root Notes – Reference for Bass Players – Handout


Relative Keys – Bass

Do you know what Relative Keys are?  If not, you may want to read the information in this file to get a better understanding of what Relative Keys are all about.

Relative Key Signatures for Bass Players – Handout 


The Circle of Fifths (for both Guitar and Bass)    

The Circle of Fifths diagram is a basic tool for guitarists and bassists to quickly identify Keys.  Check it out…

 The Circle of Fifths for Bass and Guitar Players – Handout


Music Theory Glossary

Download our basic “Music Theory” glossary.  Learn the basic terms used in Music Theory.

  Music Theory Glossary for Bass Players – Handout


We will update our Bass Guitar Theory section with more information as it becomes available – so check back on occasion to see what’s new, don’t miss out…

bass guitar theory


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