Bass Guitar Tabs

Bass Guitar Tabs

This page on bass guitar tabs will go through some Tablature Basics and important notes. Although reading music used to be one of the first things taught when you took Bass lessons, it has now taken a back seat to reading tablature. Tablature has quickly become the new standard for reading music. Why? Mainly because of how easy it is to learn! Once you understand some simple Bass Guitar Tabs, Basics and pointers, you are quickly on your way to learning thousands of songs, riffs, walks, and runs!

Tablature has taken over – and is everywhere in the guitar and bass world! 

Please keep in mind that reading music would still be very beneficial for any aspiring bass player – since the bass is mainly about playing notes – the more ways to read notes would be very helpful to your development. If you are serious about playing the bass guitar – you need to take the time to learn to read tablature – start now, learn these bass tablature basics especially if you are a beginner or intermediate, and in no time, you will be reading tab like a pro.


 Getting Started

If we were to fit all the information regarding learning Bass Guitar Tablature on this page, it would be too long for a normal web page.. 

So I have prepared a very helpful handout for bass players that want to learn to read tablature – check it out… 

Feel free to download and print out!


Here are a couple of measures of a popular standard rock song to show an example of how tablature can look in a publication (sheet music, etc).

Bass Guitar Tabs

* Disclaimor – The example above is for demonstration only, not for learning purposes, is not for sale, and should not be considered a lesson of any type.

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 Bass Guitar Tabs