Balanced vs UnBalanced Audio

Balanced vs Unbalanced Audio

The subject of balanced vs unbalanced audio connections is probably the most important subject that all guitar and bass players need to understand and utilize when setting up any and all music equipment. Any musician that needs to set up their personal gear or any size PA system can benefit from the information below. There is a link to the handout below that can be printed out for future reference.


balanced vs unbalanced audio

Understanding Balanced vs UnBalanced Audio Connections is a very important aspect of setting audio systems, and for all musicians that want to ensure that they are hooking up their equipment properly. Many mistakes are made when connecting up PA equipment, and even personal equipment rigs that can be avoided just by understanding the difference between balanced and unbalanced connections. The information above is basic, but can assist any musician with gaining important knowledge on this very important subject. Knowing what types of cables should be used and where they should be used, can go a long way. Unwanted noise, hum, hiss, and buzzing can occur from using the wrong cable! Musicians should take advantage of the many technical pages that are available on this website to further their “technical” knowledge.  It could save you time and money.


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