January 21, 2022

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Guitar Chord Progressions

Guitar Regular Chord Progressions

Here are some additional Regular Chord Lessons that will assist with the guitar chord progressions skills development of beginner players. Playing chords in different order, in different combinations, and in different keys will help you get your chord playing skills. This will also get you ready for bigger and better things. Check out the chord progressions below. 


Regular Chord Lessons – Video Clips

Additional Regular Chords Row 1

Additional Regular Chords Row 2

Regular Chord Progression – 1

Reg Chord Progression – 2

Regular Chord Progression – 3

Reg Chord Progression – 4

Regular Chord Progression – 5

Reg Chord Progression – 6

Regular Chord Progression – 7

Reg Chord Progression – 8

More Advanced Regular Chords – Row 1

More Advanced Regular Chords – Row 2



Regular Chord Progressions – 1

More Regular Chord Progressions – 2

Regular Chord Progressions – 3

More Regular Chord Progressions – 4

Regular Chord Progressions – 5

More Regular Chord Progressions – 6

Regular Chord Progressions – 7

More Regular Chord Progressions – 8

Regular Chord Progressions – 9

More Regular Chord Progressions – 10

Regular Chord Progressions – 11

More Regular Chord Progressions – 12

Movable Chord Shapes – Example Using the A and E Regular Chords


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guitar chord progressions 

It will take a little time to get used to these guitar chord progressions. Just realize that they are designed to help you get used to playing chords in different orders, helping you to switch between the different chords.  Once you are comfortable with these guitar chord progressions it will be beneficial to move on to more advanced guitar chord progressions.


Check out our Barre Chord guitar progressions – Barre Chord Lessons. Barre chords are much harder for beginners but with will become easier with extra practice. 

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