January 21, 2022

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Online Guitar Tuner


Online Guitar Tuner – Check to see if your guitar is in Tune!

 Check Tuning – Click Here

online guitar tuner

If you are having trouble with tuning your guitar – Simply click on “Check  Tuning Here” to check tuning using this online guitar tuner (video clip). This is for those beginners who are having issues getting their guitar “initially” tuned (which sometimes can be difficult when trying to tune for the first time). 

Check Tuning – Click Here



Tuning the Guitar by Ear – Video Clip

Tune the Guitar with an Electronic Tuner – Video Clip

Tuning the Guitar with a Clip On Tuner – Video Clip


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online guitar tuner

Guitar Tricks

Use this online guitar tuner to make sure your strings are in tune. It is recommended that you purchase an electronic tuner as soon as possible as this would be the best way to keep your guitar in tune. Electronic tuners are very affordable and even the inexpensive ones work great. You should not have to pay more than $20 for a tuner to start off. There are some very expensive tuners on the market today, but you shouldn’t have to spend a ton of money just to tune your guitar. It is also recommended that you learn to tune the guitar by ear. This will give you another option to tune your guitar quickly, and at the same time help develop your ear. It is very important to be able to “hear” when your guitar is out of tune. Some guitarists just rely on using the electronic tuner, use your “ears” to help you tune the guitar. Always tune your guitar first, prior to practicing, or performing (make this a habit).