January 21, 2022

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Bass Guitar Tuner

Bass Guitar Tuner

Tune your Bass Guitar Here – Use this Basic Video Clip to make sure that your strings are in tune – for beginners. 


How to Tune the Bass

Tuning by Ear – Video Clip

Tuning Using Harmonics – Video Clip

Tuning Using an Electronic Tuner – Video Clip


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bass guitar tuner

Bass Guitar lessons from Jam Play

Tuning Tip: When tuning your guitar, use subtractive tuning – this means that you should always loosen your strings first, then tighten to tune them. There is always the chance of over-tightening a string and breaking it. It is also suggested that you learn to tune the bass by ear. This will help develop your ear and you will eventually be able to recognize the notes. It is also recommended that you go out and purchase an electronic tuner. You can find one fairly cheaply and should not pay more than $20 for a new electronic tuner.