January 19, 2022

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Guitar Music Theory

Guitar Music Theory

This Guitar Music Theory section is packed with information on the basics of guitar music theory, reading music, keys, key signatures, notes, etc.  It is important for all guitar players to understand Music Theory basics (even if you do not plan to be a studio musician or  pursue reading music).  Music theory will help you understand the foundation of music. 

Only the basics of music theory will be covered here. Feel free to print out the files and share with other guitar players (and while your at it, feel free to let them know about our website). Let’s start with this very informative Handout!

Basic Music Theory for Guitar – Click Here!


It is important for guitarists to learn and understand Key signatures.  This file covers the very basics and will assist guitarists with the understanding of how Key Signatures work.

The Basics of Key Signatures for Guitar – Click Here!


All the Key Signatures in one file as a quick reference for guitar players.

Key Signatures – Click Here!



Do you know what Relative Keys are?  If not, you may want to read the information in this file to get a better understanding of what Relative Keys are all about.

Relative Keys for Guitar – Click Here!


The Circle of Fifths diagram is a basic tool for guitarists and bassists to quickly identify Keys.  Check it out…

The Circle of Fifths (for both Guitar and Bass) – Click Here!


Download our basic “Music Theory” glossary.  Learn the basic terms used in Music Theory.

Music Theory Glossary – Click Here!


Hopefully you will increase your knowledge of guitar music theory and it will assist you will developing your skills as a guitar player. We will update our this section with more information as it becomes available – so check back on occasion to see what’s new, don’t miss out…

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