1978 Les Paul Standard

I learned how to play the guitar on a Fender Telecaster, and it ended up being my main axe up until I moved out to California in 1978. I passed this music store every day after work and just marveled at this Sunburst 1978 Les Paul Standard that was displayed in the window. I always liked to believe that they kept this guitar in the window just to “tease” me. I ended up selling my van and walked into the music store with cash. And yes, I left with the 1978 Sunburst Les Paul Standard that was in the window. I’ve had this guitar for over 35 years now and still love to play it.

1978 Les Paul Standard

Les Paul Standard

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  1. RMAU says:

    Threaded inserts sunk in the wood for the studs on the wrap around stud tailpiece increased in length. This modification stops the studs from “leaning forward”. This was a common problem on 1954 and 1955 Les Pauls.

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